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Experiencing frustration with your existing NetSuite implementation?

We can also assist companies who are experiencing frustration with the NetSuite implementation they received from a previous solution provider. We have the know how & experience to help get you back on track.

When a client contacts Teibto, unhappy with aspects of their existing NetSuite implementation received from another vendor, we begin by evaluating the original business requirements versus the agreed upon Statement of Work (SOW). It is important to then asses the actual work that has been performed compared with what was set out in vendor's SOW. Through this process we can identify the gaps between the requirements & SOW and what is necessary for a successful implementation.

Once the gaps have been evaluated, a new Statement of Work is created to fortify the existing ongoing project or to fix the existing implementation. In some cases this means coming alongside of the client as their project manager "with a strong understanding of both NetSuite and their business" or as a work behind the current implementer, picking up the pieces that were dropped. In some very rare cases the best approach is to start the project over with a re implementation.